Saturday, May 15, 2010

I wish I could draw this well

From the same website as the last I found a great tutorial on turning an object into a line drawing.  To give it a go I used one of the photos I took in San Francisco while my mom, sister and I were standing in line waiting to eat breakfast in a tiny joint called Dots.  I love the curved window and the stone work.  The tutorial uses a long barrel revolver as an example so I thought I would try something completely different (of course).  I ended up with this...

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I skewed the original photo to straighten it up, I cropped it to get rid of present day banners and boxes, I cut off the side edges to make it symmetrical, I upped the contrast and then followed the tutorial...and can see lots of ways to use this!   Here is what I started with:

No actual drawing involved.  Not that I am overly proud of that, but this actually gives me ideas as to what I should and shouldn't include in an architectural drawing.  Some things only need hints rather than exact representation.

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wanderingpilgrim said...

Hey, this is interesting! Good job!