Monday, May 10, 2010

The waxy path

I finally did a Photoshop tutorial for making a wax seal that I have had my eye on for weeks but put off  (knowing I would want to individualize it)  and when I took it on, it DID end up sending me off in several directions that I am thankful for.  Because of it I ended up getting a basic grasp on working with the pen tool (never used it before) and then I was pushed mentally to come up with a logo that could fit within the seal -- I love the logo I came up with so much that I think I will stick with it for a while.

The following set of seals shows my progression of thought...

I realized an H (green) wouldn't ever do it by itself no matter how much I fiddled with it.  So I thought about being blunt by putting an H with the rest of my name spelled out around it (blue).  Interesting, but messy, and it didn't represent  the *idea* of my name in any way.  It needed something pictorial in it.  So I decided to mix text with simple moon shapes (for night and dreaming) while keeping the entire name within the space (red) -- and came up with something I love!   I love it so much I turned it into a brush.

Then I used the brush to make wallpaper to put a gold rubbed seal on.  This is as narcissistic as I get.  A new toy.

Cool, huh?   In the end, I DO have an "H" I can use on it's own.  Sometimes to get from A to B you have to run around the block...or you have to find a good reason for the effort.


Stacie said...

Way cool! They look so real. What is the wording under the "H"?

wanderingpilgrim said...

I really like the top one too. You've got such talent and I'm glad that you're putting it to use.

Hypnogogial said...

It spells out the rest of my user name...ypnogogial. Altogether it is Hypnogogial. It is like "S" with tacie wrapped around it.

Unknown said...

I have a problem….
When I flatten the image, all the effects i’ve given change! Even if I leave it as a PSD, and then imported to Illustrator!
the only way i see it right, is when I open it on Photoshop as a PSD.
What’s happening?

Anonymous said...

I really like the wallpaer with the two toned seal . I love that you showed the evolution process not just your final piece .