Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3 guesses what it is and what you do with it...

King Edward VII of England, or Bertie as most people know him, had a slew of mistresses and a favorite brothel in Paris where this pretty piece of furniture was part of his favorite room, and is now on display. The Daily Mail (where I got this photo from) doesn’t seem to be able to picture how it could possibly be used. Personally I think it is quite obvious, but that might just say more about me than the Daily Mail. "The way in which Bertie used the chair has been lost in the mists of time." Not really.

If I didn't know better, I would think this would look cool in my living room. That would be embarrassing.


eg said...

Hello matey - you read the Daily Fucking Mail? Even I can't bring myself to open that shitpile. Talk about appealing to the worst in human nature - immigrants - queers - global warming - benefit cheats; nothing good happens in the Daily Mail world...or the 'Daily Hate Mail' as it's called....anyway, Berty's chair - I love the Royals me, inter breeding has turned them into 'the hills have eyes' family. A wretched bunch of freeloading leeches. The late Princess Margaret - more pricks than a second hand dartboard, alcoholic slut.... The late Queen mum - alcoholic fat lady with brown teeth....famously quoted ' I'm glad Buckingham Palace got bombed , I can look the East End in the eye now'. Fucking right, only you were in your castle at Balmoral at the time Queeny, looking at a Gin and lemon, you parasitic cunt.
Prince Phllip - infact I like him -so politically incorrect scares the shit out of the government.
The Queen's kids - well, what can I say about these under achievers. Known to all be as thick as the compacted shit in Elvis's bowels.
Edward, left the army and went into the theatre, pml, queer as a row of pink tents. Andrew, married that awful awful ginger cunt Fergy, he's the biggest fattest freeloader of them all. Charles - an adulterous new age bonkers toff who talks to plants and moans about archetecture...'Oooooh I don't like the shape of that building....' Cunt. Camilla - supposed to be a good sport, looks like a horse. Likes a B&H with her vodka....................and finally.........Lady Mother Theresa Di - totally fucked up by her slut mother bolting and her violent father. Typical aristocrats. Didn't stand a chance
with the Windsors. Soon took cock from allcomers and was murdered by MI6 for imbibing Muslim spunk. Tragic, but it sold alot of tea towels. Good day, Sir.

Hypnogogial said...


I knew you would think of something to say about this post. ROFL!!

Yes, I look at the Daily Mail, I have a love/hate relationship with it. It is an easy read, much like the Enquirer in the states, but with less alien. I love the way the Daily Mail hates 'elf and safety', 1984 style surveillance, fortnightly rubbish pick up (which I also have over here on the tiny island of Ireland), and burkas. But I *hate* the way the Daily Mail condemns the objectification of females then blows up cellulite on any minor celebuwhore their telephoto lenses happens across.

Anyway, I can't think serious thoughts all the time.