Monday, March 15, 2010

I refuse to chose what the point to all this is because...I don't have to?

Is the blog still here?

It is...good! (I couldn't even remember the url, I kid you not) I set it up in the early part of 2009 to be able to help a friend through the process of setting one up, and couldn't think of what to do with mine after I had it.

What is the theme or point here? After much thought and inaction and more thinking and more inaction (plus a few blog posts up and deleted over the last year), I have decided not to have a theme OR point and will blahb about what is interesting me, or what seems worth words. Maybe a central theme will develop over time, but, you know, I really like options.

Yay! (a decision not to decide is made) Now I might actually use this space. Until I get a handle on the HTML business though, don't expect any bloggy slickness. (and expect frequent changes. You aren't loosing your DID just look different a second ago.)

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