Monday, March 15, 2010

Lost had better know where it is going!

"Lost" has taken a huge amount of my time over the last few weeks as ideas keep coming regarding possible meanings and misdirections. Everything is wrapping up and the real hints are finally coming in. Time to look back over what has gone before and to brush up on spirituality and metaphysics, with a pinch of science.

I have spent the last week, especially, reading more wikipedia pages and lostwiki pages than I will admit. I have more biblical, esoteric, and mythological knowledge now than ever in my life (soon to be forgotten because there is just too much of it) trying to find the key and say "ah HA!" before the finale. Of course it is a waste of time if they decided to fabricate their own mythology, or to "pull a Twin Peaks".

A Twin Peaks ending will cause unbelievable rage in me. This has been my biggest worry since I started following the twisted plot in Lost and began trying to unravel it. Those of you old enough may remember David Lynch's enigmatic TV series and may be having the same concerns. Seasons of trying to pull it apart and put it back together only to end up with the most ridiculous ending ever. A drunken writer's night of "Quick, think of *anything* that can possibly explain the last two years." and the show was done. Everything was left at loose ends, and I felt scammed. Damn you David Lynch!!! Laura Palmer was killed by her father who was possessed by some being named Bob -- but WHO exactly was Bob, what about the backwards speaking dwarf, what about David Duchovney in drag and what about every other frizizzling thing that made no sense?! I even bought the book "Laura Palmer's Diary" looking for answers. Nope, not helpful. This is why, outside of soap operas, you don't want script writers to make it up as they go along.

-The Evil Bob: Spirit/Demon/Multiple Personality or Something-

The writers of "Lost" insist there has been a plot and plan all along though, and there had better be because "We are Legion". (no, not Anonymous... I am talking about the millions of viewers who will go demonic if the ending is hackneyed) I will be able to handle it if the Lost writers have come up with their own idea of "Life, The Universe and Everything" (42!) but if they do, it had better be good.

-Lost Number Sequence Lest We Manage to Forget It-

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