Saturday, March 20, 2010

Other people's children are boring, but my cat is fascinating. No, really!

I decided to hit the "Next Blog" link up there to see what came up, and kept doing so till I came up against a "this blog is private" where the choice for "Next Blog" stopped. I started over again from my blog and found that "Next Blog" is randomly generated rather than that the list of blogs is linear. (just FYI, though I am sure everybody but me knew that already)

From this experiment, I have learned something about most blogspot blogs: if you have a child you need to set one up (evidently) because that is what the majority of them are about. I don't have any kids, but in the spirit of the thing, here is a picture of one of my cats instead...

-This is Gana, sweet or scary, depending on her mood (just like me!)-

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