Monday, April 26, 2010

Clarification: War is Hell

I didn't make it clear with my Afghani fast-food post that I am pro troops but anti-war.  I want to make that clear now.  I think we need to leave, and I think that the longer we stay the more we are hated and the more we fail.  But I don't blame the troops for following orders.

I have had several friends who were ex-Vietnam vets and they were screwed over by our government and our people when they returned.  I never want that to happen again, no one who knows better does.  Troops do horrible things under orders, under fear, in the name of survival...some of it is choice, some of it isn't, and it needs to be looked at piece by by piece, but war makes people crazy. They will never be ok again.

And for what purpose?

Europe is pulling out of Afghanistan, the US needs to as well.  We all fucked up, time to go.  We backed the wrong guy, we made the place worse than it was and can't fix it.  President Karzai...I suggest you  run. (away)

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