Thursday, April 8, 2010

'Ryanair' is the 'Spirit' of cheap flights

I guess some people have uses for ultra cheap airlines that charge for everything in dribs and drabs -- but personally it infuriates me and makes me feel somehow sub-human. 

I have only been on Ryanair for one round trip and everything about it pissed me off so much that when the plane tilted and swerved crazily as it landed -- half the plane screamed (has anyone ever heard a bunch of people in a plane scream?  I have, once and only once) but I just swore, it managed to piss me off even more!  The landing the other way was bad too, just not as bad.  I want to know how long their pilots have been flying.  (either period, or how long their shifts are...because they are either new at it, tired, or pissed off as well)

 From there only being one check in person, and being charged crazy rates for luggage, to seats that don't recline, no seat pocket, charged for water (and of course food), horrible colors inside the plane, snotty stewardesses...and now it looks like Ryanair are going through with the plan to charge to use the toilet, and cut the number of toilets from 3 to 1 so they can cram in 6 more seats.

Even worse than being charged to pee, there is another airline I have never even heard of, "Spirit", that I am guessing is also a cheap-o airline that is going to charge $30 for CARRY-ON luggage if you book it ahead of time $45 if you don't.  Say WHAT?!?!  Carry on luggage has gotten out of hand because of the cost of check in luggage.  Now carry-on luggage costs more than checked-in luggage?  How long before they weigh YOU?

I would say "it is everyone's choice how they fly, and if they have any self-respect or not" except that Ryanair misanthropist Michael O'Leary's craptastic ideas have found their way into normal airline's pricing policies. They see that people can be talked into it and so they will do it too...a little at a time. Charge for luggage, charge for food, and now charging for blankets and pillows.  Because few people will pay absurd prices for that junk, they carry less of it, and when the plane gets stuck on the runway for half a day, they now quickly run out of food and water. (something that seems to be happening more and more often)

I usually fly to and from the states with United.  It isn't because of loyalty (I have no loyalty), it just works out that way, and I always 'upgrade' to Economy Plus (the equivalent of what used to be regular economy) if I can.  United's planes are old, and ratty and uncomfortable, and the food is disgusting.  But it is still head and shoulders above the comfort of Ryanair.  And that is just horribly depressing.

I really hate flying anyhow, and it just keeps getting worse and worse.  I can actually forsee where I will only fly business class just to keep my sanity and to avoid going postal.  It isn't just effecting the passengers, airline employees have steadily gotten worse as well.  Instead of being shocked when one is unfriendly, I am now pleasantly surprised when one has a good attitude. Where is it going to end?


wanderingpilgrim said...

That's another good reason you should move to the states full time and not have that rinky-dink Irish business to deal with. Why would anyone with good sense choose them when they have other airlines that are better?

Hypnogogial said...

Spirit is an American airline, (that I don't think I will ever have a reason to use) People use Ryanair because they think they are saving a lot of money when they actually don't in many/most cases. The problem is that all the main airlines want to pull this crap too, if they can.

I like your picture.