Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Header #2

I have made another header picture, and so far I quite like it.  I made it from another tutorial, and though I changed parts of it to fit the idea of the blog better, I really like the original idea from Graphic Tutorials found here.   It is called "Text Within Text".

The cloud background I made myself in Elements a number of months back when I discovered the impressionist brush: 

Just in case I decide to play musical headers (highly likely because there are so many other text tutorials I will end up doing that I have try out as a header), I will put the picture of it here as well -- as a record of my continuing remodeling of the blog.  This one is a definite improvement on the last one, don't you think?

-Header #2-


Stacie said...

I like the new header.

Hypnogogial said...

;-) Thanks! It works especially well with the dark gray (that I'm not totally sure about, but like for the moment)

Anyway, check back now and then for all the changes I am likely to make as "I can't leave well enough alone".