Friday, April 2, 2010

Step one, make something that interests you but you aren't invested in.

I am not actually a master of Photoshop CS4, but I did finally make something with it. The new header up top -- which I probably won't keep for long before it starts to bother me -- gives me hope that I will be able to grasp the workings of CS4 eventually. Hey, the window alone was 5 layers! I also followed two tutorials on making rain: one using noise and another using dots.

[edit: It bothered me, I took it down, look below]

Honestly though, things I used all the time in Elements are missing in this more powerful program...picture bin at the bottom, polygonal lasso, a scrolling filter menu with icons, and yes, the paint bucket. I am not sure what else isn't there yet. (or what you have to go through hoops to get at) I will figure it out, after a certain amount of screaming and panicking.

Well, at any rate,  this header was an experiment. I will make another header in an attempt to make it look like it "belongs" there. If that doesn't work, I may foolishly fiddle with the basic blog HTML or just get a different template. Next week this blog may be purple with hundreds of hello kitties and lots of blinking gifs. You never know.

Because I know it won't stay up long, I am sticking the header on this post so I can look back and laugh.

[my mom checked in for the first time in over a week and says this header looks like an ad for a window does. I may have found my calling.]

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