Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chocolate is the new text for the day

I did a full scale photoshop text tutorial and though I messed up a bit (I was too far along by the time I realized how and why -- the shadow should be directly below the letters).   I think it still turned out really great! I will definitely be using this, and parts of this, tutorial again. I would tell you how I messed up but I doubt anyone else will do the odd thing I did. (now I have to figure out how to reset my rulers because of the odd thing I did) [click on chocolate for a larger image to see how metallic the lettering seems to be]

-the more I look at the word "chocolate" the more it looks spelled wrong-

I want to thank and Eren Goksel for the tutorial that can be found here.


wanderingpilgrim said...

Hey chickadee, you're famous for fiddling around with elements to see what wonderments come out from your tweeky imagination. I love your chocolate, especially if you add nuts.
Keep playing with your new photoshop program, it will make your mother proud.

Hypnogogial said...

You know I *am* nuts already. The tutorial didn't show how to add that visually though.

I am working on figuring it out. I am actually thinking of using Elements *and* CS4. Quick fixes in one and complicated maneuvers in the other. Check my blog more often and see where I am at mom. (hint, nudge)

Stacie said...

I think it looks pretty cool as is.

Don't stare at anything too long, you will go bug eyed! :o)

Hypnogogial said...


Too too true (about going bug eyed) I think the computer is a big part of why I need reading glasses now.